Do you teach beginners?

Yes, 99% of my clients have no dance experience.

How do they support people who are nervous about learning (especially if they have never danced)?

​All comes down to communication, making them feel comfortable. Lessons are private so it is just me with the couple.

Do they offer the person having the dance lessons videos of their dance lesson, so that person can continue to practise at home?

Yes it is standard practice to video any new steps learnt in the lesson so that they have a visual reference when practicing at home. I also offer a one-on-one dress rehearsal with the bride closer to the wedding date to make sure the routine is appropriate for the dress.

Is it traditional dance styles for weddings etc, or do they assess the person's ability and agility and match them to what they would like to do, and what is possible for their body and age?

We offer any form of style of dance from ballroom, latin, hip hop, commercial, bollywood. Depends on what vibe the client is after.

Can the couples dance include parents/bridal party?

​Absolutely. We offer flashmobs for the bridal party / friends and family who want to surprise the newly-weds on the night.

Can you teach someone with two left feet?

​It’s my specialty. I prefer it as they have no bad habits to break.

Do you cover or consider variables that can alter any Bridal Dance routine such as the following?
  1. Size of floor
  2. Where floor is in relation to guests
  3. Types of shoes to be worn
  4. Dress types and suit types
  5. Type of music
  6. When dance will be in order of events
  7. Individual ability of each person
  8. Length of dance
  9. Other

 ​Yes we cover all of these.

Does it matter if we have had no prior dance experience?

​No prior experience required. In fact, I prefer it.

How long / How many lessons will it usually take to learn a bridal dance?

​On average my couples have 8 lessons. Depends on how much they want to get out of it and how good they want it to look. I have couples who come 12 months in advance.

Do we need to pick a song?

Yes, its a very personal decision to make when picking your first dance song. I encourage my couples to make that decision. With that said, I give guidance on music, and styles of dance that can match.

How much will it cost?

For price inquiries please contact Mitch. If a client cancels a lesson without 24 hours notice, the lesson must still be paid for.

Are lessons private or in groups?

Lessons are private, Unless you want a group session with your bridal party

Are the instructors trained/qualified?

Yes, I have 15 years experience as a competitive ballroom/latin dancer. I still compete to this day. Gives my couples a more authentic experience.

What should we wear to a lesson?

Guys should wear dress pants, dress shoes and dress shirt. Ladies to wear heels of similar height to the ones they plan on wearing on the day and to wear a dress/skirt that simulates her range of movement in her wedding dress. Trying to prepare my couples for how they will feel on the night.

Do you offer group discount if all our bridal party gets lessons?

No, but for group sessions the price per head is $20 per hour.