At Strictly Bridal, we cater to a wide range of dance styles. Your first dance should be as special as your wedding day, so should you be interested in more than one style, our instructors can incorporate all your favourite techniques into a unique routine for your special day. We promise to have you ready and confident to take the stage.

A Program For Couple’s

Our dance program is designed in a way that accommodates and complements the style of each couple that we teach. Here at Strictly Bridal, our bridal dance services and programs for bridal parties and couples are customisable, as well as our class packages.

Join Our Classes At Jindalee

We welcome you to join our classes held at our studio in Jindalee. Our experienced and welcoming instructors are equipped to help you with more than just the steps. Under our guidance, you’ll learn to gain confidence and dance skills.

We offer one-on-one dress rehearsals which allow you and your partner to master your dance in your bridal attire and ensure that every dance move is performed perfectly while all dressed up.  

If you’d like a taste of what our dance instruction looks like, check out our YouTube channel [] for demonstrations from one of our star instructors Mitch. Showing off his 15 years of dance experience, watch him Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, New Vogue, Samba, Cha cha, Rumba and Jive.

We’d be honoured to take you under our wing and teach you to love dance and to dance with your love on your special day.

Call today to discuss tailoring a class package to suit your needs!

Bespoke First Dances

Dance like the whole room is watching, cause they are! 

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Bespoke First Dances

Father / Daughter Dance

To discuss our range of father/daughter dancing lessons at Strictly Bridal, call today.

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Father Daughter Dance

Mother / Son Dance

There is something very special about mum’s moment in the limelight with her darling boy on his wedding day. 

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Mother Son Dance

Bridal Party Dance

Get your special gals together for some serious fun before your big day.

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Guest Dances

Flash Mobs

There’s no better way to surprise the newlyweds than a group of their guests creating a flash mob dance they’ll never forget? 

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Flash Mobs

Ballroom Dancing Demonstrations

From the elegant waltz to the sensual samba, Strictly Bridal offers Ballroom Dancing lessons of a variety of styles and levels.

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Ballroom Dance Demonstrations

Georgia Marsay

We approached Mitch saying we left our 'wedding dance' to the last minute. It was 3 weeks before we leave the country for our wedding, but he was up for the challenge. Mitch words can not express how much we appreciate all the time you put in on a Sunday.

Mikaela Nguyen

100% recommend you choreograph your first dance with Mitch!! It was honestly the highlight of our wedding night and got the party started. Mitch created a mash up of a waltz and samba for our first dance... We never would have thought of this on our own, let alone, do.

Susie Anderson

Leading up to the wedding; things can become overwhelming and stressful. Attending a weeky dance lesson with the Uber talented Mitch brough out attention and afffection back to the core of our marriage. Thank you for teaching us that marriage is just like a dance, it tkes two, we need.

Kristen McLachlan

My partner and I were looking to spice up our first dance, aiming for a little more than a sway but not a whole fandangled routine. Mitch got us twirling around the floor, feeling confident to show of our moves to our guests. He was so kind and generour to.

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