Peter Booth

Wonderful addition to the Gold Coast entertainment scene. I’d have one of these on every corner if I could. Sadly, just the one for now. But a fabulous one. Go!

Darren Porter

Stunning show, great venue must be seen to be believed.

Coralie van de Water

Absolutely fabulous! All the dancers and actors looked like they loved their jobs and were very professional. Service was excellent and I loved that the host remembered our names.
Highly recommend!!!

Domi Cherie Pinalli

Absolutely brilliant! Amazing staff, beautiful venue and good cocktails. The show was so well thought out and the cast perfect. Best night out I’ve had in a while! Thanks for the memories! We’ll be back.

Tegan Metcalfe

Honestly one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen! The venue is next level, the staff are friendly & the talent is out of this world. I’ve never seen anything like it! Absolutely loved every moment.

Yvette Bekkers

6 of us went to the sat matinee SUAVE show, it was absolutely outstanding, highly, highly recommend everybody to go and see it , it was worth every cent and it’s an absolute credit to all the performers we can’t stop talking about !!!

Emma McVie

Don’t miss this show! Very talented and gorgeous performers with amazing costumes and live singing. Plenty of laughs and many awestruck moments!

Jules Moloney

Absolutely loved this show. The cast/performers were out of this world. It had humour and jaw dropping acts, it was sexy and raunchy, and the costumes were fabulous too. I would highly recommend and would go and see it again. 5 stars

Karlyne Dedieu

That’s a show to remember! From the decoration to the staff and the show. everything is amazing. Jerome is here to make you feel like the show is made only for you!! We were on holidays on the Gold Coast and we’ll come back to the pink flamingo!!

Sarah Jane Rackley

loved the venue; the show was exquisite. The dancers are so talented and beautiful, the music was wonderful. The details in the fit out. Wow! I will be back with friends and family. Thank you for bringing this to my backyard.

Frank Bird

Oh, my what a night. Breathtaking and side-splitting performances alongside glamorous artistes and a truly flamboyant host. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the bit where I got to dance and wear a bra. What happens on the Gold coast, stays on the Gold coast…say no more.

Mishy A Smith

If you haven’t been to pink flamingo I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING!!! My gf & I sat right at the front and we couldn’t take our eyes away from the stage. Everything about the show was so amazing from the stunts to how connected the duo acts were. 10/10 Sexy, seductive, glamorous and riveting I’ll will be back

Lisa De Michele

8 of us saw SUAVE last night, VIP Flamboyance seats, best position, fabulous night, world class entertainment, fabulous venue, fresh, lively and fantastic fun!

Andrew Wilkinson

Instantly felt like I should probably become a dancer, lose a bit of timber, learn to lift my own body weight and generally be more of a man than I am… fantastic show to take the Mrs…and a few friends to. Couldn’t recommend more.

Jo McGregor

Our group had an amazing night at Pink Flamingo last night, the venue is so beautiful, loved the old crystal champagne glasses on arrival, Nice touch!!

The dancers are next level and the acrobats are the best I have ever seen and not to forget the beautiful costumes, it really was a great show. I highly recommend the show you won’t regret it!

So glad to have this on the Gold Coast, just like the Moulin Rouge in Paris!!

Ruby De La Torre-Greene

Glamour, passion and a high style performance delivered a brilliant show! 100 por cent recommend!!

Clair Grummitt

Best experience ever! Highly recommended the talent, costumes and venue were outstanding and I had a ball Sure to be back

Shakira Hanson

WOW!! What an amazing show and amazing performers! Not only are they outstanding on stage but they’re the nicest people to talk to! I’ve been to ‘Blanc to Blanc’ which was the best pop up show. BUT WOW! If you’re travelling to the gold coast and want a show local, do yourself a favour and check these guys out! you won’t be disappointed! congratulations guys! you’ve outdone yourselves! X

Mason Garten

My friends and I were not sure what to expect and thought we would give the Pink Flamingo a go for something different. Having been, seen, laughed and smiled the night away I cannot recommend this venue enough. The show was world class professional, exciting, sexy and fun, the venue fit out next level and service friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favour and go for yourself.

Jamie Wood

Incredible show that exceeded expectations tenfold. I was beyond impress by the talent of every single performer. The venue was also amazing as well. You’re missing out if you visit the Gold Coast and don’t attend this show! Do yourself a favour!

Jess Hanifin

Great entertaining night very professional and exciting performers. Friendliest on Gold Coast. Put on top of your list to do

Therese Wendt

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pink Flamingo as a PERFECT night out The performers were amazing and on equal par to any Los Vegas shows we have seen .The waitresses were fantastic The interaction between the performers and the audience was great and very funny I have been spreading the word to all our friends that PINK FLAMINGO is the best place to go for any occasion… Broadbeach. easy parking across the road… quick dinner at the many eateries before the show and you will have a fantastic night ✅

Amy Zeegers

OMG Best show ever!!!!! The only other show that I’ve ever liked as much was cirque de soleil O show in Vegas! I love it more than words can explain! It was the best birthday EVER! The performers were so talented! Very sexy show. Loved every minute of it! Can’t wait for the next one!

Ric Frawley

Oh, what a top night. So many talented acrobats’ dancers’ vocalists. This was a surprise for us. A cabaret/burlesque show but not what is expected. From laughter to amazement. Well done to the venue and all contributors.

Kristie Lou

Congratulations to the brains trust behind pink flamingo, you’re onto something great! Such an entertaining and professional show, from the venue to the cast – just perfection! Can’t wait to come again.

Kylie Rapira

Brilliant show. Worth going to. Burlesque mixed with circus acts. Free shots given out too. Went to the matinee show and got seats right up the front. The whole place is flamingo themed.

Jean Fearnside

Great venue and service and attentive staff, a fantastic show, we saw the matinee. So many acrobatic acts, the performers were wonderful. The beautiful costumes, good variety and the stunning lighting was fabulous entertainment, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Would recommend this Venue for a fun night, try the night show Taboo too and the upstairs area for special events. Well done and thankyou.

Michelle Firman Downie

World class acts , stunning show girls and hot guys, full on nonstop entertainment you will not be disappointed do yourself a favour and book to see this show. Very intimate seating and decor is gorgeous

Amber Jade

Suave is just that! Best live show I have attended in a very long time! SO much talent on stage I was blown away! The choreography and costuming absolutely on point Fantastic show! So happy to see something of this calibre on the Gold Coast! ⭐⭐

Zac Smith

I have been to Paris Moulin Rouge and Pink Flamingo is the best International show and  value for money I have seen

Keira Ashley

Last night I was left mesmerised by the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub. The dancers, the venue, the cocktails oh my! I am so very proud of the Good Coast for finally getting to house something of such high calibre. No expenses were spared when it comes to decor or costumes, and the attention to detail around the venue left me very impressed. The performances had me gasping on the edge of my seat wanting more. The insanely ripped bodies of every entertainer made me want to run to my nearest gym lol. If you can, you must go. This is seriously not to be slept on, it’s hands down one of the most breathtaking performances I have ever been lucky enough to witness, Spiegelclub, you’ve won my little cabaret loving heart.

Chris Garvan

As I said in my comments Very professional and entertaining show, better than many I have seen in Las Vegas, Paris and Tokyo. It is not only a Burlesque show, it’s an acrobatic show , it is funny at times, with amazing feats of male and female strength and abilities as good as any high-class well-known circus acts, I have seen

Zoe Wallace

Never really been into cabaret and musical theatre but absolutely loved Suave at the Pink Flamingo. Mind blowing acrobatics, talented singer and dancers in an amazingly sexy and intimate setting. Fabulous night out, highly recommended!!!!

Sammy Hayden

This was Next Level, from beginning to end. The incredible show that made you feel like you were experiencing something out of this world, the incredibly talented dancers, each one was mind blowing, the music by DJ Georgie Baby after the show complimented the atmosphere and had everyone dancing till the end of night. Staff were amazing and welcoming. Best on the coast from show, music, staff, and response from the crowd made it the best environment I’ve ever experienced in a club EVER!! THANKYOU TO EVERYONE!!! I’ll be back 100 % 10 out of 10

Nicci Gray

The show was truly brilliantly amazing. The calibre of the talent in this show was mind blowing. From the moment we were greeted at the door, to being served, to the end of the night, the whole experience was one not to miss. The service was top notch all round and I more than recommend this show! It’s nothing short of BRILLIANT! Thank you thank you!! We will See you again soon! NICCI GRAY

Darrell Nairn

It takes you to a new realm that you may never want to leave . So far, the best night out for my wife and I on our holiday. Even surprised my wife by been dragged up on stage and made to shake my bootie . thank you for making me step out of my safety zone and letting myself go.

Karen Brogden

We had such a goodnight Saturday Night. I’ve told so many people in 2days.i will return, and thanks again I had the best birthday in 53years thank you very much

Denika Hennessy

This is what the Gold Coast has been waiting for. Absolutely beautiful venue with a breathtaking show. There’s something there for everyone. I would go

Karley Beadman

Five stars baby for this experience. From the moment you arrive you are treated like a VIP. The service is personalised, super friendly and super slick. The decor & ambiance is glam kitsch. There’s a feeling of delightful anticipation as you sip on champagne waiting for the show to start and when it does … all your expectations are met. The show is spectacular. The talent takes your breath away! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Pink Flamingo for date night, hens parties, girls’ night out, even corporate functions. Treat yourself and go!!!

Enrique Febres

OMG! Absolutely unbelievable! what a great show, beautiful performances, amazing artist and spectacular venue. Thank you, Pink Flamingo, for the best entertainment in the Gold Coast and Australia. I can’t wait to visit again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PEOPLE!!!!

Brett Harris-Mills

As a bunch of ex entertainers, we experienced “Suave” last night at the 6pm show! What a fabulous night!! Firstly, arriving into a beautifully transformed space where every detail was fabulous down to the camp taps in the loo’s! The service was lovely and great idea having the service buttons on the tables, also it was refreshing to be able to pay for your drinks separately from the rest of our party. The show was slick and seamless with an array of talented acts and dancers who all gave 100% the whole show!! An incredible, fun and fabulous night!!!

Manh Nguyen

It’s kind of like a burlesque/cabaret thing with lots of costumes, dances, comedy, acrobatics and lots of hotties, it was like a whole thing. Glad to have something like this on the Gold Coast. Staff were good, the show was really, good. Man, good everything!

Kerri St Clair

The BEST show we have ever been to! The performers are incredible, and the venue is beautiful! All the little touches were taken care of and the table service was excellent! Jerome who met us at the door was super funny and remembered our names throughout the show. We would highly recommend this to anyone.

Chloe S |Experience Oz

This show truly is something very different for the Gold Coast. From the plush 1920’s Art Deco surroundings to the gorgeous costumes, show-stopping numbers and sexy performers it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night out. The performers are extremely talented, and I found myself gasping in awe several times by the aerialists and cirque acts. The button on the table to order drinks is a nice modern touch and the staff uniforms are great too. The only criticism I have is the restricted viewing from the booths otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

We couldn’t see some of the aerial acts because of the way the booths are designed. I would recommend paying the extra $$ to sit beside the stage for the full experience.

Christine McDonald | Experience Oz

The Venue is unique, a colourful mix of Speakeasy and Flamboyant Nightclubs of days gone by. The complimentary Pink Gin Shots set the mood for a fun night. Absolutely fabulous entertainment. A mix of Burlesque, Cirque du Soleil, Comedy, Amazing costumes, fabulous Dancers and a Top-Class Singer. Best Entertainment Venue since we visited Moulin Rouge in Paris I would highly recommend and would defiantly visit again when on holidays. An easy drive from Kingscliff where we were holidaying.

Chloe | Experience OZ

Time to get the party started…
The lights dim slightly, the bass kicks in and it is time to get the party started. A cabaret act filled with male and female performers in sexy costumes kick off the show and set the tone for the evening.

Don’t worry if you aren’t seated by the stage for this act because everywhere you look around the venue, you’ll find a performer making their way up to the stage. It’s a great way to greet everyone and make a good first impression.

Birdcages and aerial acts
The first aerial act is brought to the stage and for just a few moments the entire audience is completely still, silent and mesmerised by her performance.

From contortionists to acrobats

Acro-yoga is taken to a whole new level with performers who do a series of acrobatics with no props needed at all. The strength and ability of the human body is pushed to the absolute limit and again it’s clear from the audience’s applause and gasps that they have never seen anything like this before.

Silks not required

In a rather modern and masculine touch, a male performer can be seen flying on some heavy-duty chains. It makes a change from the silks that you may see performed in a cirque show and it is just as thrilling to watch.

Comedic acts

The mood of the show is constantly moving, and each act seamlessly merges into the next without ever feeling out of place. From upbeat show-stopping choreography accompanied by a modern cabaret/pop soundtrack to tantalising sexy cabaret acts, comedy and even a little bit of cheeky but very tasteful burlesque. If you are sitting near the stage, then you can expect some crowd participation at times also.

The splash zones

Who would have thought that a bathtub could be so fun? This act is the highlight of the entire show for me. I wouldn’t want to reveal too much of the surprise but a sexy aerial performance in and above the bathtub may see those in the first few rows getting a little splash or two. Photography is prohibited for most of the show, so you’ll just have to come along and see it for yourself.

My recommendations:

The Pink Flamingo lives up to the hype of a world-class evening show with sexy cabaret performances and amazing cirque acts. There were countless times where I found myself saying ‘wow’ and that is a sign of a good night. The venue alone is worth a visit with the flirty pink Art Deco club, mood lighting and atmosphere transforming you back to a sexy jazz club of days gone by.